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I'm sure none of these notes will make sense to anyone but me unless they've watched the episodes recently. But none the less here are episodes 3, 4, 5 and 6. I am loving this show so far. Yusei is a fantastic protagonist (not that I'm not fond of the other two, I am. But Yusei has something going for him certainly) and I'm beginning to glimpse the plot now and it does look promising. Very cool indeed!


- The opening music is quite epic. I do love rock.
- I must say I certainly expected Jack to be wearing some kind of trench coat. It's just not a Yugioh antagonist, or rival at least, without one! I keep missing it. I don't think the jumpsuit is going to do it for me.
- Yusei has Johan's shoes, or at least extremely similar ones. This amuses me far more then it should.
- Now who the hell is this spazz, around the  4:52 mark? He is certainly amusing. I like how he half sings everything. ^^ ... *continues watching* Oh Akutsu. I like him and his enthusiasm for Mooooomentum. XD
-Speaking of names I wish they would say the names of Yusei's other friends, beside Rally. I quite like the other three, (the one with glasses reminds me of Honda) and I wish I knew their names. I would look it up but it might spoil something. ^^;
-  Whoa, manager guy seems a bit intense, grabbing what’s-her-name like that.
- ... And now there is a guy who looks like a clown. I love this show! XD
- Tee hee, Yusei's look of half bafflement is quite awesome. And rather cute. (At least, while Jack is prattling on about his kingship that's kinda what he look like.)
- Awww, speaking of cute the little hedgehog monster is quite cute. ^^
- I agree with Yusei, Jack talks far too much.
- Wait what? ... Junk Warrior can be made from how many different combinations? I thought that Bolt Hedgehog would make a different one. ... Oh so that's how Synchro Summoning works. Right. Gotcha. ... I think.
- Lemmie guess, Double protector double protects? ... There we go.
- Sagiri looks strangely normal compared to the other two. No crazy hair or anything.
- Stardust dragon, with such a pretty name I expected the dragon to be a lot, well, prettier. (Like Rainbow Dragon. That's a nice looking dragin. ^^) Alas. ... Even the Red Demon looks cooler.
-  Well I don't know how Yusei is going to get out of that one, but I fully expect him to win.

- You're dragons aren't that impressive Jack.
- I still quite like the opening. Not as good as some of GXs, but mst of them grew on me.
- It may not be a good looking dragon, but Stardust's attack is rather pretty. I will give it that.
- Standing beside Mr Tall and the Clown really does make Sagiri look normal, so much so it stands out. Not sure what I think of Mr Tall yet, but I am beginning to like the other two.  
- Wait, Yusei, surely you knew Stardust's effect? It was your monster after all. Please tell me you have another trap or something there. Surely. As Jack said, surely you can't have not known that! ...
- ... And there we go. The Mirror of Harmonia. Thank-you.  I am so glad you aren't in possession of the idiot-ball Yusei.
- Oh wait, Jack did have a trench coat; it was in the flash back. And the world has rightened itself again. No wonder I missed it when it was gone.
- 'But it's right here.' Oh no. It's your heart isn't it. Tell me it isn't your heat. .. Oh wait, there it is. Soul of a Duellist. Heart of the Cards. 
- Arms hurting, something’s glowing, Momentum dude appears. Oh hey, is that Momentum thing playing up? ... There we go. 
- I do like the transition from spazz to normal Akutsu goes through. He's had at most five minutes screen time and already I am intrigued, and am quite fond of him already.  
- And now I have nothing to say for the rest of the episode besides, whoa. Wait! What? ...
- ....
- 0_0
- ....
- That. Was. EPIC!
- ...
-  ... So who won?

It's late. I should sleep. ... But I must watch the next one!

- He'll get his D-Wheel back right? Right?
- Referred too by number? Oh please tell me it's 24601! ^^
- Ok, so I don't have much to say about this ep either, it was either too awesome too comment or too sad. (At least at the end) That poor old man! And so that's what the Signers are. ... I love this show. I really do. XD
- But I will say this, Akutsu is just made of awesome, I really like him. And the end song is really nice too. It is certainly growing on me.


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