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Wow. I'm impressed. Zexal is amazing so far! I've only seen the first ep but my initial impression of it is good. I'm now really sad I work Monday nights and can't watch it live but I'llsettle for following the subs.  I'm quite glad I've supported this from the start because I'm already fond of it!

I did think Yuma's voice would be different though, higher sort of. Kind of like Johan's. But I like the one he has, although it is kind of similar to Juudai's. And wow, look at that. Loving parents, with faces. Well the closest this series has ever gotten. (Unless 5Ds has some that I missed.)  And Astral, I hope you turn out to be a snarky little thing. That would be amazing if you were. I have hopes for you and a nice snarky parner would be awesome thanks.

And aww, how cute. They're teaching us how to play to the end. It should feel like it's sort of patronising but for some reason it's not. Although I'm not too sure what Exceed summoning is yet. And that's not cool, I only just got use to Synchro summoning! I have to learn this now. Sigh. At least the design for them are pretty cool. The black is a nice touch, especially as the other one was white. Nice dichotomy there.

Overall I was impressed from the start. The door is a nice touch, I can only hope there is more Spirit World stuff and that it appears more often. I like doors and that is a pretty nice one. ^^ It put a smile on my face and I hope it continues to do so. I was sd when the ep ended! And not cool either! I want to know more about Astral, as I'm sure he's about to introduce himself as.   

A huge thank-you to Saiou who posted the link for the subs.
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