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Not submitted yet as there is probably a lot I can do to it to make it right but this is my first attempt at an app. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

In other news yes, I am going to start RPing. ^^



Revised app. Now with (hopefully) better spelling and grammar. ^^; )
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And thus ends the most intense study/exam period of my life. I wish I was kididng when I say my last three weeks have consisted of nothing but study, sleeping and eating. But it is over at last and I can only hope I've done well!

So yes, I am back. I don't know if anyone's missed me but I certainly have a lot of commenting, reviweing, reading, replying and writing to catch u on. ^^; Sorry if it seems like I've negleted anything but between end of semester assignments (thank-you lit review. I'm so glad you're out of my life) and then exams I haven't had much time for anything. Hurray for uni breaks though! XD

But before I start my catch up, I think some proper sleep is in order. And I can finally start my epic rewatch of GX. Oh I have been looking forward to this for a while.

Later everyone. ^^

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That is of course if you're a geologist in love with GX. ^^ The amount of ties between the two are amazing, and I thought I would share some with you all. (Also, it's a way of studying I promise. Huzzah for information recollection.)

Currently we are doing Palaeotology, and I swear every time I see I terristrial dino I can only think of Kenzen, and the topic itself is quite closely related to Jim. We also focus a lot on the break up of Gondwana (a big continent composed of Australia, India, Antartica, South America, New Zealand and Africa) and the fossils and stuff we find that supports the thoery and I can only assume any geology Jim would have done would have been similar.

The island  Duel Academy is on is quite plausable tectonically. As Japan is on a continent/island subduction zone (when two plates are colliding and the denser one is 'sinking' inder the lighter one. So the oceanic plate under Japan.)  At these subduction zones little island can form off the coast of the continent, making DA a potential real place as they aren't so far away you can't travel to and from them by boat and have a couple of duels in between. Most of the volcanoes on them too won't be active, so DA is safe.  

I'm just going to mention Johan's deck here (and not the rainbow and animal part) and move on. ^^

Ok, this may not have anything to do with study but I sure remember wha he says as my first lecturer (for sturctual geology which was topic 1) sounds awfully like Professer Banner! (And I say Banner because it is the dub voice that is simler to my lecturer.) Naturally I had to find  a cat and make it our mascot and thus Pharaoh the Geological cat was born.

Hmm,  could have sworn this list was longer when I was explaining it to my friend, guess I need to revise a bit more...
Speaking of GX, I'm going to have Tag Force 2 at last. It was my birthday yesterday and my darling brother got it for me, well it's still coming but I've been looking for it for months. I may fail at both games and Dueling but hey it's still pretty cool. Naturally I'll do the Johan storyline first, I may have half a chance if I do that. XD
The scary thing is though I'm now 20. It may not be but it just sounds so old!

And now to dash off to uni and finsh those assingments I put off. >.>
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Alright, so it's not Boxing Day anymore. ^^; Ah well, here is the last of the gift fics for now. (Speaky, I will have one for you but that is still in the works. Sorry.)

Title: Just The Way You Are
Author: cheeky_eyes
Rating: G
Characters/Pairings: Juudai, Johan,
Warnings: None
Word Count: 1925
Summery: He knew Juudai well, even if he had only known him a few months. But he was glad that he did as even everyday stuff was interesting around him.
Notes: Gift fic for crysalice_bell. Yes I know you said Spiritshipping but, I tried my best. ^_^; The title probably suggests way more then there actually is but I hope you enjoy it anyway. (And I was thinking of including Johan’s little ninja roll, but that turned out not to work as this went in a completely different direction then I had initially thought.)


He could read Juudai like a book )


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So it occurs to me I still cannot link usernames. ... Man I fail. ^^;

Title: Catching Up 
Author: cheeky_eyes
Rating: G
Pairings/Characters: Juudai, Johan, Yubel
Warnings: None
Word Count: 2210
Summery: Even though he was going to be just a spectator, he didn’t mind. He was just glad he was able to catch up with his friend.
Notes: Gift fic for <lj~user="aphotic">, this one also grew larger then I initially thought it would. Merry Christmas and I hope you enjoy it! Also, the title gave me a lot of trouble, so I apologise for its lameness.  


He sometimes wondered why had taken him so long to realise that Yubel was bound to him in ways he hadn’t initially considered. )


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And the first of the gift fics I said would be coming. Ok yes, it's a lot later then I thought it would be but it is still Boxing Day so...

Title: Maybe Tomorrow
Author: cheeky_eyes
Rating: G
Pairings/Characters: Juudai, Johan, Yubel
Warnings: None
Word Count: 2729
Summery: He didn’t often think of home, and he soon realised that it meant different things to different people.
Notes: A gift fic for <lj~user="rhodanum">.She requested a fic inspired by
this song and here is the result. It kind of, ran anyway from me and is a lot longer then what I had planned, and may have just inspired a multi chapter fic that I’ll write later on. Hope you like it and Merry Christmas! ^^



He closed his eyes as he stepped forward, leaving the warmth of the Australian summer behind as he entered the coolness of the Gentle Darkness. )


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The Five Questions Meme
How this meme works:
1 - Leave a comment, saying you want to be interviewed.
2 - I will respond; I'll ask you five questions.
3 - You'll update your journal with my five questions, and your five answers.
4 - You'll include this explanation.
5 - You'll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed.

Asked by Speaky_bean (One day I will learn how to link properly. I promise) 



And my answers. Yes the first one is kind of long, but I just really like GX. The others are a more respectable length I promise.  )



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I have come to the conclusion I ramble too much. I have yet to determine if this is a good or bad thing yet but it is becoming rather apparent to me. That and I have a fondness for over using certain words and phrases but that I'll leave for linguistics next year. ^^ (Which should be a lot of fun! It was in year 12 and I am quite excited for it. Well that and semester 2 which shall be 3/4 geo. ^__^)

Anyway. It turns out that NaNo shouldn't be as hard as I think it is. In the last couple of days I have easily written over 10000 words, which is defiantly an accomplishment for me. And I managed not to write a drabble for the YGO pairing comp this round, so yay me. ^^ And I managed to break to 2500 mark for this season. Finally. Although I'm, not very happy with it, it is rather rushed it is done none the less and this is



My conficshipping fic for the seventh round of the YGO pairing comp posted here for your reading pleasure. (Conflicshipping being Mai/Valon/Jounouchi) )


My main chunk of words actually came from a GX fic I'm writing which I thought would only be about 2000 words but it's currently over 7000 and still counting. It will certainly be a lot longer then I imagined it would and there should be a companion piece to it from Johan's point of view which may end up being quite lengthy too, but then again maybe not as this one seems to have four entwining plot points whereas that may only have two.

None the less, I'm quite proud of my pet. ^^ It's an account of what happened in the week between Juudai fusing with Yubel and arriving back at Duel Academy because what happened in that time rather intrigued me.


A not so short preview of said fic. I will warn you that it is largely unedited but my pet felt like some more love so here is a piece of it. )


I also finally hopefully have another job! ^^ As a pizza delivery chick. Possible one of the only ones around now that I think about it. It's still rather trial and touch-and-go but still, my parents have been harping on about me getting another for a while and this shall hopefully stick. Huzzah. ^^



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Title: A Matter of Life or Death
Author: cheeky_eyes
Rating: G
Pairings/Characters: Shou, Juudai, Kenzan
Warnings: None
Word Count: 1307
Summery: If you believed Kenzan, then it was Shou's fault they were late in the first place. That's why he deserved it more. Shou of course, disagreed. "You do realise only one of you can have that, unless you want to share it."
Notes: Prompted by week six’s theme ‘money’ from the gx_contest on livejournal.


The Light was now everywhere on the Island, or very nearly so anyway.  )


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*Resisting, resisting* ... Aw hell. Why not. *Jumps on the bandwagon while activating ultra procrastination mode.* Exams, what exams? 
Meme stolen from, well dancingkirby, but speaky_bean and aphotic have done it too. And since I have read it a couple of times, I'll pull my list out of a hat. Oh random chance, please be kind!

My List:

1. Asuka
2. Martin
3. Yubel
4. Misawa
5. Kenzan
6. Rei
7. Fubuki
8. Johan
9. Shou
10. Jim
11. Fujiwara
12. Ryo


The Questions )


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And now that my essay is finished (and the assingments I discovered I had after it) it's time for some love in this journal. Particually GX love. Gosh, it is so awesome! It took something to get them (a weekend of searching at Manifest, only getting 4, then going from Chaddy Borders to Alternate Worlds, to Jam Factory Borders where they had none. Minotuar had 2 and 3, and Melbourne Central Borders had 1. ^____________^ Huzzah!) But man, the anime was great, but the manga is just as good if not better in its own way. And since its different I don't know what's going to happen and this is awesome. I love its snarky, deadpan asides, Jadens faciel expressions, the plot. It's epic! I love it! Though I really want to know what Johan, or Jesse since that's the name they're using, and the other Overseas Champions are there for!!! Which is in the next one, and six. I can't wait!!! Bring on October. ... It's tmes like these I really wish I could read Japanese!

Yes, Manifest. LK was there and it was awesome!!!! Spike Spencer was also a very entertaining speaker, his panels were great. And the new episodes is quite funny too. ^_^ It was also quite amusing to see LK, cosplaying as Naruto, 'makeout' with my new friend cosplaing as Sasuke-kun. And I'm now the proud owner of a Cyrstal Beast deck. I have two sets of six of the seven Gem Beasts and spent a shameful amount of time and money looking for Sapphire Pegasus, until I was informed that he doesn't come in the Duelist Pack. ... Ah well. I also found Ancient City- Rainbow Ruins and Crystal Tree. I may not play the game but I like the cards....
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           And I'm loving my plushy Makona.

Alright, Geo cheat sheet write up time.
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Because I really should be doing my bio essay now but am avoiding it like the plague. It's only due next Monday and I've barely researched it. ^^; And I'm behind on my reading, (and I LOVE Geo!) This is all GX's fault. Why did it have to be so awesome and why did I have to rediscover it right as semester two started?


So I can see where the rest of the fandom may be predisposed to hate it, due to every charecter being replaced and all, but I quite like it. Anne McCaffrey's Pern series does it too now that I think about it, and my reaction was the same. At the start of each book I'd be sad that the charecters I love where now minor charecters but by the end be sad that I'd be moving from the charecters I'd grown to love.
But back to my main rant, Cartoonnetwork it's all your fault. If I hadn't have wanted to know who the hell Martin was after seeing season 2 somewhere, and consequently go and watch the first half of season 3, then leave it for a few months and come back and wonder what on Earth Jaden had done that was so bad (ep 144) I wouldn't have gone and watched it on youtube. No, this is Fourkid's fault for not dubbing Season 4 because if they had, ... no actually that was a good move because if they had I wouldn't have watched the sub and wouldn't have had to have watched season 3 again (subbed this time) and wouldn't have realised how much awesome the Original was.
Foolish me, I know. I really should have known better.
But I digress.  

Not that I'm complaining or anything. ^_^ I'm quite happy about my trasition from the main part of the fandom to this part. And my thoughts on 5D's; I'll wait for summer. I still have to watch Season 1 after all (... Well I started watching it when it first came out but stopped for some reason. I didn't mind it then either.  ...)  and I certainly won't get anything done If I start watching them now.

Now I'm wondering what the point of all of this was. ... Ah yes, GX is awesome and I've decided that my journal gets no love so each time I update it with a one-shot I'll have a journally post too.

That and I'm procrastinating like hell. So brain, I'll do you a deal. Write the drabbles/one-shots that are bouncing around in there and we'll work on the essay tomorrow.  ... Well you have no choice.


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