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And now that my essay is finished (and the assingments I discovered I had after it) it's time for some love in this journal. Particually GX love. Gosh, it is so awesome! It took something to get them (a weekend of searching at Manifest, only getting 4, then going from Chaddy Borders to Alternate Worlds, to Jam Factory Borders where they had none. Minotuar had 2 and 3, and Melbourne Central Borders had 1. ^____________^ Huzzah!) But man, the anime was great, but the manga is just as good if not better in its own way. And since its different I don't know what's going to happen and this is awesome. I love its snarky, deadpan asides, Jadens faciel expressions, the plot. It's epic! I love it! Though I really want to know what Johan, or Jesse since that's the name they're using, and the other Overseas Champions are there for!!! Which is in the next one, and six. I can't wait!!! Bring on October. ... It's tmes like these I really wish I could read Japanese!

Yes, Manifest. LK was there and it was awesome!!!! Spike Spencer was also a very entertaining speaker, his panels were great. And the new episodes is quite funny too. ^_^ It was also quite amusing to see LK, cosplaying as Naruto, 'makeout' with my new friend cosplaing as Sasuke-kun. And I'm now the proud owner of a Cyrstal Beast deck. I have two sets of six of the seven Gem Beasts and spent a shameful amount of time and money looking for Sapphire Pegasus, until I was informed that he doesn't come in the Duelist Pack. ... Ah well. I also found Ancient City- Rainbow Ruins and Crystal Tree. I may not play the game but I like the cards....
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           And I'm loving my plushy Makona.

Alright, Geo cheat sheet write up time.


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