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*Resisting, resisting* ... Aw hell. Why not. *Jumps on the bandwagon while activating ultra procrastination mode.* Exams, what exams? 
Meme stolen from, well dancingkirby, but speaky_bean and aphotic have done it too. And since I have read it a couple of times, I'll pull my list out of a hat. Oh random chance, please be kind!

My List:

1. Asuka
2. Martin
3. Yubel
4. Misawa
5. Kenzan
6. Rei
7. Fubuki
8. Johan
9. Shou
10. Jim
11. Fujiwara
12. Ryo


The Questions )



Bad brain!

Aug. 10th, 2010 10:11 pm
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No. Don't get distracted. Don't write one-shots while you should be wrting your essay. Don't go on fanfiction, tvtropes and livejournal while you should be researching. No! Down! Go sit in the corner and behave yourself! ... Then you can write all you like! ^^
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Because I really should be doing my bio essay now but am avoiding it like the plague. It's only due next Monday and I've barely researched it. ^^; And I'm behind on my reading, (and I LOVE Geo!) This is all GX's fault. Why did it have to be so awesome and why did I have to rediscover it right as semester two started?


So I can see where the rest of the fandom may be predisposed to hate it, due to every charecter being replaced and all, but I quite like it. Anne McCaffrey's Pern series does it too now that I think about it, and my reaction was the same. At the start of each book I'd be sad that the charecters I love where now minor charecters but by the end be sad that I'd be moving from the charecters I'd grown to love.
But back to my main rant, Cartoonnetwork it's all your fault. If I hadn't have wanted to know who the hell Martin was after seeing season 2 somewhere, and consequently go and watch the first half of season 3, then leave it for a few months and come back and wonder what on Earth Jaden had done that was so bad (ep 144) I wouldn't have gone and watched it on youtube. No, this is Fourkid's fault for not dubbing Season 4 because if they had, ... no actually that was a good move because if they had I wouldn't have watched the sub and wouldn't have had to have watched season 3 again (subbed this time) and wouldn't have realised how much awesome the Original was.
Foolish me, I know. I really should have known better.
But I digress.  

Not that I'm complaining or anything. ^_^ I'm quite happy about my trasition from the main part of the fandom to this part. And my thoughts on 5D's; I'll wait for summer. I still have to watch Season 1 after all (... Well I started watching it when it first came out but stopped for some reason. I didn't mind it then either.  ...)  and I certainly won't get anything done If I start watching them now.

Now I'm wondering what the point of all of this was. ... Ah yes, GX is awesome and I've decided that my journal gets no love so each time I update it with a one-shot I'll have a journally post too.

That and I'm procrastinating like hell. So brain, I'll do you a deal. Write the drabbles/one-shots that are bouncing around in there and we'll work on the essay tomorrow.  ... Well you have no choice.


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